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Resources: Free Online Photoshop Replacement

Of course, if you’re doing some specific advanced graphics work, Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program and there’s really not much out there that can truly rival it.

Then, at the other end, there’s the basic MS Paint, included on every computer with Windows, which is ideal for quick graphics.

It can do a lot of interesting stuff including rounded corners, text with a transparent background (which I only learned about a few months ago actually)… If you need to do that, it’s the bottom box on the left when you’re in MS Paint. But it quickly reaches its limits. One option that I really wish worked better is resizing images. It can resize but you lose a lot of the quality.

So is there something in between? There sure is!

Found this a few months ago and it’s one of my most important bookmarks.

Sumo Paint is basically an online version of a photo/graphhics program like Photoshop. It’s free, and works amazingly well.

You can open a file from your computer, save as an image file like a .jpg or .png, or you can save as a SUMO file which will let you reopen it in the app and continue to work with your layers, etc.

There’s no registration required and you can save everything to your computer when you’re done.

I love this thing… Actually, I’m off to use it now to resize the logo for this Brainstorming section.

Enjoy it!

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  1. That looks like a great online program. My only problem with programs like it (online editing programs) is in the limitations when using my old computer (where all my good source pics are stored) : browser and computer crashing before I completed the project. Très frustrating.

    I use another free program called Photofiltre which gives me many of the options that Photoshop does, including plug ins and add-ons, but for free.

    For resizing images quickly try a quick right-click to select size and you’re done. =)

    • staff says:

      I just discovered Windows Powertoys lately and there are some interesting ones! If moving the images to the more recent computer and working from there isn’t convenient, it’s good to have suggestions like these for programs that are light on the computer.

      Thanks for posting the comment!

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