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Web Site Idea: Run My Bed and Breakfast

Running a B&B is hard work. Working at home is one thing when you can close the door to your upstairs office at night and take time to go out for a nice dinner. In a B&B, though, you’re getting calls at all times of day (and night), and, unless you don’t have a guest one night, someone has to be home and available.

Should there be a longer period of unavailability (illness or trip), this could be doubly important.

How do you get away when you run this type of business? You get a “babysitter” for the B&B. Which isn’t necessarily that easy. Finding someone you know who will be willing to answer the phone (preferable to letting it go to voicemail) and give rates, to welcome guests and deal with any problems that arise takes a special type of person.

A site that puts these people together could be an interesting idea. People could post that they’re looking for work, willing to run the place. And B&B owners could post that they’re looking for people.

Ads could be for those who need someone to run their b and b on permanent or temporary basis, or those looking to have people they can call on for occasional requirements.

Of course, a lot of these businesses are in remote areas, so there may not be local candidates, but there are ways to reach those looking for an adventure (with room and board included in the salary), through a site such as this.

Revenue: Either charge B&B’s for ads, or have links to products which would be of interest to people in that type of business. Supplies, business services or 1-800-telephone services. You could also have some ads for job-sites such as Monster (they have a great affiliate program through Commission Junction) for the candidates who don’t find what they’re looking for. Some of the B&B owners might want to post there too, and the commissions on postings are very good.

Additional revenue/content could be ads for B&B’s for sale.

It’s a niche site but interesting. It fills a need so could sell itself.

Technical: Either use a classified ad program like xzero orĀ a forum programĀ available through Fantastico on our preferred hosting company partner (you’ll find them under “we recommend” throughout the site).

Or simply set up forums and have the parties contact each other and discuss things that way.

Marketing: Could send direct mail to all B&B’s. Maybe in a specific area to start and build from there. Find ways to attract the candidates through postings on free job sites? Set up RSS feeds of the jobs?

Type of candidates:

You’d be looking for people with:

  • Culinary skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Friendly, relaxed people

It could be a business that would help both sides… the job seekers and the B&B owners looking for a break. The biggest challenge here is getting it known, especially by candidates. But if you can do that, you could have something really interesting on your hands!

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