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Adding Twitter, Facebook Like and Other Social Buttons


I love the idea of the Facebook Like button. It lets people easily “Like” your site, and at the same time puts it on their profile for anyone reading it to see. They’re showing their support or interest in your site, and promoting it to all of their friends.

And setting it up is way easier than you’d think!

You can either go directly to Facebook’s page about this.

Twitter has some tools as well, as do a number of other social sites.

But there’s an even easier way… which is extremely easy to set up. It’s called AddThis and I love what they do! Actually, I have been using them for years and continue to be impressed.

You pick the “look” of the buttons you want for your site, then you have two options. If you simply want the buttons, with no reports/statistics, you can get it set up with a couple of clicks. You simply pick, then go to “Get AddThis” and it gives you the code to add to your site and you’re set. 

If you want analytics, which helps you understand who’s using it, and how they are using it, there’s simply an extra step… you will need to sign up for an account.

Either way, they make the process so painless, it’s crazy. And it’s free. And, if you have problems along the way, or need to customize things, their support forums are really useful and most issues actually have a simple, to the point, answer.

It’s refreshing to see, since a lot of services like this have forums full of unanswered questions. But their staff is amazing at replying and letting users know if what they’re trying to do is possible or not (sometimes limitations of the underlying tool like the Facebook Like button make some customizations impossible), but will give an example of the exact code to help get it done.

It takes a few seconds to get the code. Then you just have to decide where you want to put it on your site and you’re set.

And in case you’re wondering… I have no affiliation with them, besides being a user that happy with their service.

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