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Business Idea: Cycling Training Journal Software or App


Most of my notes don’t have dates. Interestingly, this one did on the back. “Note (April 2008) was with papers from +- 1996”

At the time, I had thought of doing a software program like this. Looking back at it now, though, it could work better today as an app… with some extra features since the technology available since then has moved forward in so many ways.

It basically is centered around a cycling journal, which is useful professional and amateur cyclists to track their progress, etc.

If it were done as a Web site, there are some amazing features in Adobe Flex. It has a free SDK meaning you can, with patience and a bit of work, build awesome applications for free simply using NOtepad or other tools. I plan to cover this later on.

The last part on the note, the cycling screen saver, I’d ignore. No one uses those anymore… do they?

Hope you enjoy the idea. Looking at the sunshine outside and the warm weather coming, it makes me want to go cycling!

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