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Business Idea: Cards on a Bike


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I just thought of this but since it’s brand new in my head, well… there may be missing parts, etc.

My cousin runs a printing company and a copy shop. We were talking one day about ways to increase his business.

Since then, ideas have been floating around in my head and I had a few interesting suggestions for him. But today, in the shower, where I do most of my thinking, it led to an idea for a business.

I call it “Cards on a Bike.”

It would be a company that makes business cards, at a great price. People who order could pick them up or have them delivered. Though instead of paying $10 (for example) to FedEx to deliver a small box, they could pay the company $5 to have them delivered. But deliveries would be done on a bike. A box of business cards doesn’t take up a lot of room so the person delivering could be on a road bike, a mountain bike, a utility bike, whatever.

But the interesting thing is that, for the person delivering it… it could be seen as a way to make a few bucks from a hobby while they’re working on their fitness. It wouldn’t be a replacement for a job. There could be a considerable distance to travel for $5. It would really be a way to earn a bit of money while you’re doing something you love for the cyclist.

A way to generate some new business for the print shop. And a quirky way to order something, at a good price for the customer. And the “green” factor since the delivery is human powered could be seen by the customer as a benefit as well.

The obvious issues are finding someone to do deliveries (could use bike couriers as a backup?), and especially finding people at times for longer runs if it’s a large city. Though the service could be targeted within a specific radius of the print shop that is filling the order.

Oh, and where you come in? Well, you could create either a larger system that would match customers, cyclists and print shops by getting contacts in each city, receiving and forwarding the order, and having the order system to track/dispatch cyclists.

Or at a minimum, you could create a system that you would sell to print shops so they can start a cards on a bike service.

Or whatever else. I just thought of this idea (I’m not even dry yet from the shower) so there’s a lot of room for adding new parts to it.

Good luck!

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