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Tool/App Idea: The Annoying Reminder

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This idea is a reminder service… let’s say you have to go through and sign a checklist daily, for example… It would remind you this way…

If it was a downloadable tool on your computer:

  • First pops up a gentle message. If you didn’t do it and don’t check “done”…
  • Second pops up a message with two soft bings
  • Then pops up a larger message, a little ruder
  • Then a large message, red text “Hey! You still didn’t do your [checklist]. What’s the deal? Get it done! You know I won’t stop reminding you!
  • Then bzzz and message and copies to cell phone
  • Buzzes get louder, copies to cell phone and e-mail
  • Loud buzz… can’t close box without saying ok, sends to cell phone, e-mail, girlfriend/boyfriend’s cell phone
  • Loud buzz sends to cell phone, e-mail, girlfriend/boyfriend’s cell phone, and message to mom’s cell phone saying “i know your child is all grown up but you need to talk some sense into them. You would not be proud today. They didn’t do their [checklist].

Other ideas to annoy? Post them in comments.

The user can set how often the reminders and how extreme they want them to be (for example, remove theĀ audio if at work and sometimes away from desk)

Settings for user could leave out weekends, in cases where it’s work related and they’re not working.

The sky’s the limit with options. It would be a funny (and useful) little tool.

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