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Resources: Screen Shots – How To Make An Image Of What’s On Your Screen

Have something on the screen that you want to save? There are two ways to do a screen shot. Both are pretty easy.

One, (assuming you are using Windows) is to simply press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. Yes, that key that really doesn’t seem to do anything.

Well, it actually does something. As soon as you press the key, it saves what’s on your screen in memory. Sort of like clicking “copy.” But you have to do something with the information that’s in memory… “paste” it somewhere.

So open up MS Paint (under “All Programs > Accessories”). There, go to “Edit” then “Paste.” Or simply type Ctrl-V.

If you do it often, I just found a cool little tool that installs quickly and is easy to run and operate.

It’s called Greenshot¬†and it’s free. Basically, it works¬†like this: It runs in the background. When you want to take a screenshot, you press the same Print Screen key as above. But what it does in this case is put some lines on the screen so you can select an area you want to take a picture of. As soon as it’s done, you hear the “click of the camera” and it’s ready to work with or save.

You can add annotations, etc. Or save it right away.

For the occasional screen shot, the first solution is more than useful. If you do them often and need to select areas/crop, Greenshot can definitely be useful. Wait… Gotta take a screenshot of their site… with their program… Sorta funny. Or maybe not… it’s late.

Wow, just noticed that they’ve had over 600,000 downloads (lately 35,000+ per month). It really is an interesting tool.

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