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Flower Emergency App

Here’s an interesting idea.

You would make arrangements with a flower shop (preferably one that offers delivery around the world with a short lead time).

When the person first downloads the app, you would arrange for them to set up a method of payment.

Then, anytime they need flowers, they can quickly place an order and specify a location (maybe pick from a few different options but keep it simple). It automatically places the order with the flower shop and the flowers will be dispatched to their recipients’ location.

Or as a service, the order could go to you and you would place the order on their behalf and bill your client (your profit would be the difference between the cost of the flowers and what you’ve billed the client). In this case, you would need to be very available and responsive (and quite resourceful at finding a shop that offers quick delivery).

Another way to play this would be for an existing flower shop to offer this service city-wide and at the last minute (ie. order before 4pm for same day delivery).

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