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Cleaning Service Business… Work Smarter Not Harder

You’ll see me say it a lot… I strongly believe in “work smarter, not harder.”

Is there an easier, better way to do something?

One case where this came to mind is a cleaning company. Cleaners often spend as much if not more time travelling to a client’s location (generally unpaid) than they spend actually cleaning it.

Working smarter would be this:

  • Pick two or three buildings in a particular area – condos, nicer buildings
  • Send unaddressed mail (most countries offer this through the postal service. It allows you to send mail to a particular area, often it lets you send to apartments/condos only)
  • Get clients in one specific area
  • If the area is downtown can even set up a monthly parking in an area parking lot to save on parking
  • Could offer housekeeping-type service ie. $200/month daily dishes, vacuuming every few days, etc… Could offer service only on weekdays and get weekends off.  $10/day… spend a half hour on the apartment doing a bit – good deal for client and approx. $20/hr for you if you can get to the next one quickly.
  • Later with enough business could pay cleaners $12/hr, and have $8 left over for insurance, marketing costs and profit.

Instead of targeting the whole city, targeting a specific area could be a way to accomplish way more, in less time.

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