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Don’t Just Start Another Groupon

The big trend lately is the deal sites. It seems like everyone’s trying to start a Groupon clone. Here’s why that can be a bad idea.

  1. Groupon is very established
  2. Tons of others are trying to do the same
  3. Groupon spends MILLIONS on advertising

But… that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the trend. There’s another way.

I’ve been thinking that there is a lack of deal sites for particular niche markets. For example, Groupon is geared to consumers. If you’re selling business cards, printing services, or wholesale widgets, that might not be the best place. But what if there were (there might be, I haven’t seen them) a business-specific deal site. One that would be geared to business owners, selling things they specifically need. Office chairs, supplies, equipment… whatever.

Another deal site idea is something targeted to an event in someone’s life. For example, weddings. A Groupon-style site where every day, the deal is geared to those who are getting married. Yes, the market is more limited, and there might not be 1200 purchases a day, but if you can reach this market, there could likely be a lot of interest from both merchants and brides/grooms. You could have eager buyers who are looking for exactly these types of products.

The same could be done for parents of a new baby, offering deals from baby shoes to food, diapers and services geared to new moms.

The possibilities are pretty endless… Don’t just do another Groupon. Do a better one.

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