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Healthify Your Cereal App

Here’s an app idea that could be really interesting.

I love cereal. I’ll be honest, I think I know more about cereal and their nutritional values than most people do. While most people spend a few minutes here and there looking at the cereal box, I really enjoy them and when there’s nothing to read, well… the nutritional labels tend to attract my attention.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that different types of cereal have different types of advantages and disadvantages.

On the negative side, some have a lot of fat, sugar or sodium. On the plus side, some have a lot of fiber.

Some, like Rice Krispies, have just about no fat and little sugar but no fiber.

But what if you mixed them…

In the past, I’ve tried mixing Froot Loops and Rice Krispies. You get half the sugar and it still tastes pretty good.

What if an app had all of the nutritional values and let you see which cereal you could mix to get the ideal balance you’re looking for.

Having Corn Flakes but want more fiber? Mix them with Raisin Bran.

The thing that really made me think of this app is that I love Reeses Puffs cereal. When I was eating some, I thought… If I were to mix 1/2 reeses puffs and 1/2 rice krispies, I would cut the sugar and the fat in half. But, along with that, I cut half of my fiber.

It depends on the priority. You could try different combinations based on what you want.

Of course, you may have to look into the legalities of using trademarks within an app (since the cereal names are trademarked, etc.) but it’s something interesting to look at.

It could really be an interesting app. If you make one, let me know. I’d like to download it and try the app myself! Who knows what interesting combinations I haven’t even thought of yet?

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