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Custom jQuery Mobile Themes

Here’s something for designers… I was recently looking around for jQuery Mobile themes and really couldn’t find much.

jQuery Mobile is pretty well laid out and it’s easy to work on theming. Since it’s pretty new, not a lot of people have been making templates for it yet. Some have been doing themes geared to mobiles for WordPress but not general themes.

It could be a good business. Revenue could come from advertising on the site and possibly even selling premium themes (at a minimum, you would definitely want to offer some free themes, though, since that would likely be your “bread and butter”).

Additional revenue ideas could be selling products/services gared to app developers such as a “How To Program Apps” e-book or something like that.

Part of the challenge would be updating the themes as new versions of jQuery Mobile come out (but designers of themes for other types of sites or blogging systems have similar challenges) but it could be interesting (and could be a way to get people back if they want to be notified when new versions of the theme come out).

I’m really surprised there aren’t more people doing this.

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