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My Found Notes: Tender Site for Business / Personal

Could this be one of those things that take off in Web 3.0? Next step after GroupOn, etc. where merchants promote themselves to you, could the next step be making the vendors and merchants come to you?


-tender type
for personal/business
(not gov’t)

need Phaser 860
-get quotes
charge per lead $.25?
affiliates $0.05/lead they get
branded vers. of site

Government works extensively with tenders. But what about for personal or business use?

If you need a new laser printer, 10 reams of paper, paperclips, etc., this site would allow you to put it out as an office supplies tender and get some offers and prices for the order.

You order four 5-gallon bottles of water for your water cooler every 2 weeks? Why not have the water companies fighting for your business?

You’re buying a Nikon D90 camera? See what the local camera companies (or online merchants, depending on the option they choose) will charge for it.

I’ve always liked this idea for moving quotes as well.


Charge per lead?


Set up an affiliate program to pay $.05 to affiliates for the leads you get $0.25 for? Offline advertising. Basically, the usual marketing options would apply.

Or just do it free for merchants and have it advertiser-based? (would definitely be my preference).

This is the type of site that would need to have the merchants in place to be useful so might be easier to start in one local area and build, or start with one type of product (ie. office supplies) and build from there.

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