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Web Site Idea: Learn French

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My brother-in-law’s been trying to learn French. Though there are resources online to help, my idea was basically a magazine or Web site that would have an all in one page on a daily basis to help learn French (or any language, really). 

It would contain information written very simply, so someone with basic skills in the language can grasp at least some of it.

Content could include:

  • News (you need to find a source you can use legally, though)
  • Write travel articles, etc.
  • Write business articles
  • Lessons
  • Verbs

WOW! (this was a note to myself… I really liked the idea)

For example it could be something like this:

This week’s verb:

Let’s start at the beginning.

Avoir (to have)

Tu as
Il/Elle a
Nous avons
Vous avez
Ils/Elles ont


I have a blue car.

J’ai une automobile bleue.


(An interesting sont in French they can listen to with a link to the album on itunes and Amazon. / Chanson francaise interessante… Lien a l’album pour acheter sur itunes et Amazon.)

This week’s article: Travelling to Naples / Un voyage a Naples

It could be an interesting site to put together, and revenue could be generated from a mix of the iTunes and affiliate programs as well as advertising on the site.

Give it a magazine kind of feel. And having a mailing list would help keep it on people’s mind every time you post a new “issue” online.

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