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Business Idea: Giant Checks

I was watching The Office one day and they were talking about ordering one of those big checks they give out on telethons.

They said the checks were $200. I have no idea if that price is close to accurate, or if tons of companies make them already but I thought… “that’s an interesting business.”

Expenses to get started aren’t very big… It’s pretty easy to find a company that has a large format printer to print the checks.


  • Build a Web site with ordering/payment system.
  • Design a check (a few designs clients can pick from)
  • Receive the orders, have them printed and ship them out

PayPal’s e-commerce systems could probably be pretty useful at putting together an order system pretty quickly.

The shipping is the only issue I can see, since you want something that’s flat… Shipping a box that’s quite large.

I just did a quick search for a quote on FedEx with the following parameters:

From: Beverly hills, 90210, United States
To: New york, 10021, United States on April 5, 2011.

Package Details: 1 package, 3.00 lbs, Your Packaging, 30 in x 60 in x 2 in, 100.00 USD declared value.   

The problem, as I expected, is that price varies from $88-$217 except for one option called Home Delivery (4 business days) which was only $16.79.

Of course, there are a number of companies, and the measurements were just guesses. A bit smaller might make a big difference at FedEx since 60 inches is really pushing the size of packages they deliver regularly. And the check doesn’t necessarily need to be 5 feet wide. Though you would have to be careful not to fit your size to one courier’s requirements, though since their limits and pricing can change. The trick is to find something that works and has a bit of leeway should the shipping policies change down the road.

One way to avoid all of this is to do a local business and deliver them yourself (assuming they’ll fit in your vehicle) but it really seems that it would have more potential as an online business.


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