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Solution: Maximum File Size in Notepad – Longer Files

If you search “maximum file size in notepad,” answers will vary… from 45k (which is way off with new systems) to some people saying they’ve opened files hundreds of megabytes large.

Removing word wrap is one way to help speed up the loading time of a large file if you do it this way. But an interesting solution is open source software called Notepad++

I found it when i needed to open a 198 MB text file to edit it. The problem with opening these in programs like Word, etc. is that they will often process the text and add characters in the text filethat can cause issues in some cases (such as in my case when I am editing a plain text file for a Perl database).

That is why using Notepad is often preferable. But when it just won’t do the job, this program seems to pick up where┬áNotepad leaves off.

In the installation process, it has “custom” as a default with a bunch of boxes to pick your options. In the drop box where it says “custom” though, there’s another option called “minimalist” – this picks none of the add-ons. This works well… loads quickly, and I just saw it did what I needed… Loaded my 198 MB text file! Whooooooo!!!!

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