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Web Site Idea: UPC and ISBN Database Wiki

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I’ve had this idea for a while… to have a user-updated¬†UPC codes (food, etc.) and ISBN codes (books) database which could be provided as open source data to app and Web site developers.

For example, if people enter the ISBN (bar code) numbers for products they have on hand.

Others can have access to this data in their projects such as apps. The database could be offered free as a download to those who want access to the data.

It could be useful to collectors, developers and even consumers trying to research a product.

You could build an app to make the entry of the codes easier. It could scan the barcode, recognize the number and ask to enter the data.

You would be well positioned to sell data later to online grocery stores, etc – especially with apps that scan products should there be a commercial need that can’t be filled with the open source product.

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